U.S. Army Medical Department, Fort Drum NY
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Pharmacy Information for Beneficiaries


Hours of Operation
The Pharmacy is open from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. The Pharmacy is closed on all Federal Holidays and Education days. If traveling any distance please call the Pharmacy beforehand to verify hours of operation and changes. You may call the Automated Refill System at (315)772-3696 for more information on holiday or special event closings.

New Prescriptions
Only original written, properly completed prescriptions are acceptable. Copies, incomplete, FAX or telephone prescriptions are not accepted. Prescriptions which appear to have been altered cannot be filled.

Waiting Time
Waiting time for new prescriptions varies from a few minutes to as much as 1 hour, depending upon workload. Average time is 15-25 minutes. If you have been waiting longer than 45 minutes, please inform a staff member at one of the windows.

Mandatory Telephone Refills
Refills are obtained by calling the 24-hour Automated Refill Service at (315)772-3696, or via the web at http://www.drum.amedd.army.mil (Pharmacy Refills along the left side). For those patients out of the local calling area of Fort Drum, call 1-800-354-9280. You may pick up your refill after 1:00 pm, after three business/working days. Pharmacy information regarding Holidays and Education Day closures are also available using this system.


The pharmacy operates on a Formulary system and may not carry certain medications, but may have a generic or therapeutic equivalent. A copy of our Formulary has been provided to most area health care providers. Prescribers may call (315)772-4036 to request a copy or use Formulary hyperlink.


Service Categories

*NOTE: Provider entered prescriptions will not be filled until patient checks in at pharmacy via the number queuing system.*

There are four different types of ticket categories that will be used to obtain prescriptions from the Guthrie Health Clinic Pharmacy, they are:

CATEGORY “C ” = Computer Entered RX’s: (Ticket #’s: C100-C199)

“My doctor at Fort Drum entered my prescription(s) by computer"

If you’ve just come from your provider’s office, push the button on the ticket dispenser labeled "C"= ComputerEntered RX’s and have a seat in the waiting area until your number is called.

Present your ID when called to a window. Your prescription(s) will be identified and the filling process will begin. You will be instructed to sit down and your number will be recalled the second time when the filling of your prescription(s) is completed. Recalled numbers may be out of order due to processing order size/complexity.

(Have your I.D. Card out and ready)

CATEGORY “D” = Deployment RX’s: (Ticket #’s: D200-D299)

“My provider has put in a deployment quantity of medication for me because I am being Deployed”

CATEGORY “O” = Over the Counter RX’s: (Ticket #’s: O300-O399)

“I filled out the Over the Counter (OTC) form for myself or family member”

Upon entering the clinic you should fill out the Over the Counter Request (OTC)form located inside the Guthrie Pharmacy waiting area. After filling out the form completely, then push the button on the ticket dispenser labeled “O” = Over the Counter RX’s and have a seat in the waiting area until your number is called.

(Have your I.D. Card out and ready)

CATEGORY “R” = Refills or Return RX’s: (Ticket #’s : R400-R499)

*NOTE: Refills are defined as prescriptions called into the automated refill system via phone or web. Renewals entered by your provider are not considered refills and they require the “C” ticket process to initiate filling.*

“I entered my refills into the automated refill system or have returned to pick up handwritten prescriptions that were turned in earlier”

Upon entering the clinic, you should stop and push the button on the ticket dispenser labeled “R” = Refill RX’s. After pulling the ticket you should have a seat in the pharmacy waiting area until your number is called.

(Have your I.D. Card out and ready)

(Note: Please pull only “one” ticket from the desired ticket category)

Controlled Substances
Orders for Controlled Substances can be changed only in writing. Prescriptions for Controlled Substances written by a civilian provider must comply with New York State regulations. Some Schedule III, IV, and V prescriptions may be refilled up to five times within six months in accordance with DEA Regulations.

Dispensing Rules
Prescriptions for maintenance drugs may be dispensed up to a maximum of a 90 day supply with 3 refills. The actual amount dispensed is subject to the Health Care Provider’s directions. "As directed" or "as Needed" is not acceptable and cannot be refilled.

General Information
Two prescriptions for the same medication/class cannot be current at the same time. The later date of prescription supersedes any previous prescriptions.

New prescriptions are valid for one year from the date written.

New prescriptions for controlled substances must be filled within 30 days of the date written and refills are valid up to 180 days.

Prescriptions cannot be mailed to patients; the TRICARE Mail Order (TMOP) supports patients who require mail order service.

More information about the TRICARE Mail Order Process(TMOP) can be obtained by calling toll free, 1-800-DOD-TMOP(1-866-363-8667), via the web at express-scripts.com/TRICARE External Link, Opens in New Window, or pick up a TMOP information pamphlet in the Pharmacy waiting room.

Prescriptions which have not been picked up within seven (7) working days will be returned to stock. If circumstances prevent pick-up within five working days, call (315)772-7698 to request a hold for an additional period of time.

Generic Drugs
This Pharmacy dispenses generic drugs whenever available. "DAW" (dispense as written) on the prescription is not valid at this pharmacy.

Patient Education Materials
Patient education materials and information on most prescription drugs are available at the first filling, and anytime upon request.


Telephone Numbers
24-hour Refill Service at (315)772-3696 and 1-800-354-9280
Pharmacy Questions: (315)772-7698