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Army Provider Level Satisfaction Surveys allow beneficiaries to voice their opinions, earn monies for improvements at MEDDAC


Have you received a survey in the mail weeks after your appointment at Guthrie?

Do you normally complete it or throw it away?

Why should it matter to you?

Here’s why:
Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey (APLSS) also known as “Apples”, is a great way for patients to rate the services they receive during visits. APLSS is a confidential survey administered by the Office of the Surgeon General. Patients are randomly selected and the surveys are typically sent out within 48 hours of their appointment.

U.S. Army Medical Department Activity / Guthrie officials want all patients to be able to “voice their opinion” concerning their overall visit at the clinic.

APLSS asks the patient about certain aspects of their visit, and most importantly, their level of overall satisfaction with the entire visit. The survey consists of 10 to 25 questions, and takes five to 10 minutes to complete. If you receive an APLSS in the mail, you can either mail it back in the pre-addressed envelope, or go on-line to complete the survey.

So why give us your time?

The surveys are a key tool to identify areas the clinic can improve in order to continue to provide world-class military medicine. They also can earn the clinic money. With this money the clinic is able to increase the number of service providers we have and improve our facilities, for you, our patients. All of your comments are deeply appreciated.

This month, the MEDDAC/Clinical Operations team is pushing to raise community awareness of APLSS. If you visit Guthrie you may walk away with water bottles, stress balls, and other marketing materials to remind you of the importance of your participation in the APLSS survey process! In addition, an information booth has been set up in Family Medicine to further familiarize beneficiaries with APLSS.

MEDCOM randomly selects providers every 6 months as a APLSS provider and their patients are sent surveys upon completion of a visit. The accompanying survey graphic is exactly what our patients receive by mail within 7 days of their visit.

Your Fort Drum MEDDAC has the potential to make $800 per survey returned from its beneficiaries. All 25 questions are important for the patient to answer because it allows the Command to see where improvements can be made. Each month the answers are calculated and the total percentage is multiplied by the response rate, dictating the amount of money the MEDDAC will receive. The greater the number of responses, the more money MEDDAC can collect.

In order to increase response rates, Family Medicine front desk staff are handing out reminder cards, APLSS stress balls, water bottles, and bubble pens for the survey. Awareness posters are being displayed within the clinics… all this to encourage patients to complete the survey!

Questions on the APLSS program may be directed to Clinical Operations at (315)772-4655.